Carl Simring was a young man connected to the “A list” of 1960’s rock promoters and musicians. Several of Carl’s friends were involved in the organization of the original Woodstock Festival. These friends allowed Carl a prime spot on the Woodstock  stage to film whatever he chose during the three day festival.  Using his Sony Portapak CV220, considered the first mobile video camera, he filmed away all weekend. The result is an astounding alternate library of Woodstock performances, many of them  preserved ONLY by  Carl and his Sony Portapak.  Electrifying performances by THE WHO, JANIS JOPLIN, GRATEFUL DEAD, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER SLY & THE FAMILY STONE, MOUNTAIN and several others were filmed by Carl, most of which never made it to the “Woodstock”  Warner Brothers film or any of it’s companion releases.  Historic Films is proud to offer this one of a kind glimpse of this historic 1960’s cultural event.

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    WOODSTOCK 1969 - The Amalie Rothschild Collection

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    CBGB Nightclub 1975

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February 27, 1991 - In Desert Storm, the 100-hour ground war ended as Allied troops entered Kuwait just four days after launching their offensive against Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces.

Historic Films presents over 400 Hours of military and combat footage, this collection includes interviews with soldiers, generals and political figures active during Operation Desert Storm.The collection also includes an array of military training films.

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